customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby when making something leads to nothing… (it seems) geometric cushion covers
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In this video, artist Francis Alys pushes a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City over a nine hour period; here it is edited down to 5 minutes. The cumbersome block gradually diminishes to the size of a tennis ball, until it finally melts into a puddle of water on the pavement. Writes artist Andrea Hickey :

“;…; stretching the object’;s inexorable dissolution through the space of the city, the artist makes the point that progress is not inevitable –; in shortpillowcase baby, that sometimes making something leads to nothing.”;

custom gifts for dad

It reminded of me the disappeared town of Silica, in the West Virginia Appalachians, that I used to visit years ago. I’;d seen photos of the once thriving town — a glass factory, a store, houses — at the turn of the century. All that was left was an abandoned camp on the grassy banks of a river: a schoolbus with a huge stone hearth built onto it, that I imagined a hermit to have lived in. The evidence of his life –; newspapers, a few pots and pans –; gradually got swept away by wind and rain and the bus sank deeper into the ground each year, as though dissolving. There was not a bit of Silica left; it had all fallen down, melted into the earth…;.

Still, although making something sometimes SEEMS to lead to nothing, that “;nothing”; is always SOMETHING: a memory, a lesson or idea for later use, or some passing effect that’;s not often not apparent…;one thing subtly reverberating with another…;

You can see more of Francis Alys’; videos here.

Halloween's always fun—but don one of our favorite '50s costume ideas, and you'll be in for an even bigger treat this year. From the telltale red wig of an I Love Lucy getup to the flowy white dress of a Marilyn Monroe look, each and every one of our fun 1950s Halloween costumes is a serious blast from the past. And whether you're a millennial who just loves the vibe of those way-back-when days, or a baby boomer looking for a chance to relive your glory days, odds are, you'll be jumping at the chance to take a couple cues from the decade.

Sometimes it's the little things. NBC

Okay show of hands: who’s all about pumpkin everything for fall? ?That’s what I thought! ?Pumpkins are iconic for autumn, and this simple die-cut card can send some fall cheer anyone’s way. ?I assembled this little card in about 10 minutes with some of the new Rachael Bright dies for Sizzix, in non-traditional colors – which I think makes it that much more fun!

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