customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Transform the Look of Your Bedroom in an Instant funny cushion covers
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If you are desperate to turn your lacklustre bedroom into a stylish sleeping paradise, you will be pleased to know that this can easily and inexpensively achieved. Before doing anything, you will need to clear your room of any clutter. Anything that is not conducive to relaxation or sleep, should be taken out. Clothing and other belongings should be sorted and put away in the appropriate storage.

If you're having trouble sleeping and have a television in your bedroom remove it! If you haven't already got onepillowcase baby, consider investing in a comforter or duvet. New duvet cover sets, matching sheets and pillow cases can go a long way to creating a completely new look. You can change your bedroom from modern to classic or pastel to primary with little effort. Once you have redressed your bed, think about moving it to a different position in the room, Don't be afraid to completely move around your furniture, playing with your furniture's configuration can breathe new life into a tired looking bedroom.

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A wall-mounted headboard offers a stylish finish to your bed, as well as a focal point for the room. You can keep the headboard plain and simple or go overboard and decorate it yourself. You can do this by using specialist stencil kits or haberdashery items such as sequins and buttons. Painting or wallpapering the front of night stand or dresser drawers is an easy and quick way to incorporate new design and colour elements into your bedroom.

For example, a dowdy looking dresser can be transformed into something with a more classic feel by adding an accent of pastel floral paper. You can add to this by replacing nondescript drawer pulls or handles with more decorative alternatives. Adding a light-coloured valance to your bedroom window will dress up your bedroom's window area, while keeping a modern feel.

There's plenty of curtains online to chose from which will suit your colour scheme, if you can't find the perfect colour match white curtains will always look effective. Alternatively, a fabric-covered cornice, which is easy to do yourself, will give it an upholstered look. Keep any lighting you decide to use in your bedroom subtle. Bedside lamps should be close enough to offer light for reading in bed. Add a dimmer switch to your centrepiece light so you can adapt the lighting to suit your mood and needs.

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Once upon a time, white walls were looked upon with great disdain. Also known as “rental white,” white walls were thought to be void of personality and sterile. Fast forward to 2016, and white walls are de riguer for homes everywhere and a major staple in every designer’s toolbox. We must admit, we love the look, too.

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