customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Transform Your Bedroom with a Canopy Bed pillow covers floral
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Canopy beds and associated bedding materials are hot items. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a ‘princess bed,’ want to improve the appearance of an otherwise ordinary room, or desire to create a ‘goth’ theme, canopy beds are celebrated for dramatic appearance, added intimacy, and their unique appearance.

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Transfer your bedroom into something new using the following methods.

Rods from the Ceiling

Another method involves drilling drapery rods into the ceiling. Using a perpendicular wall as the fourth edgepillowcase baby, create a square on the ceiling to mirror the dimensions of the bed. Hang drapes to create a long, flowing canopy effect. Paint the ceiling above the bed a different color than the rest of the room to present an optical illusion.

Curtains over the Headboard

Rather than hang from the ceiling, drape curtains on the wall above the headboard. Use a u-shaped rod to create a dramatic effect. Situate a number of ornate vases with high-rising flowers or faux foliage to present the appearance of enclosure. Ask an interior designer for extra help or peruse online blogs and resources.

Drapery above the Bed

Use tacks sporadically on the ceiling to attach long flowing drapery above the bed. Tie ribbons to the pushpins to add a dramatic effect. Depending on the length of the drapes and number used for the project, one could create a four or three-sided enclosure.

Repurposed Bunk Bed

Repurpose a traditional bunk bed and drape curtains and fabric over the top bunk to create a canopy effect, reserving the lower bunk as the sleeping area. Such a quick alteration works great for younger girls who want a princess bed or boys who want to sleep in their secret clubhouse. Shop for supplies and ideas at

Complemented Chandelier

As another alternative, place your bed under a chandelier or hanging light. Wrap a piece of light fabric around the chandelier and tie to the under posts of the bed with decorative ribbons. Voila! You have an instant makeshift canopy. If you’d rather host the effect, simply remove the drapery.

Outdoor Canopy

Depending on season, one may decide to sleep outdoors or take a nap outside during the day. However, pests and flies impede rest. Drape a piece of fabric from an overhanging branch or high up on a tree bark and create a canopy effect along with a hammock. The same result can work indoors in a living room or corner of an entertainment room. Create a quaint corner of the room with minimal effort and money.

Manufacturer-Bought Posts

Finally, manufacturers are well aware of the popularity of canopy beds. Buy posts and attach to a regular, queen, and king-size bed. Pay attention to manufacturer or vendor suggestion regarding complementary fabrics and materials to complete the canopy.

You don’t have to spend a lot for the bedding of your dreams. Moreover, you don’t have to adopt the traditional route; create your own canopy bed with a combination of rods, fabrics, pushpins, and creativity. Spend more time viewing ideas online and discussing possibilities with creative parties.

Faith Chan is a home decorator who loves her craft. An avid blogger, she likes to help others make their homes a castle, too. Look for her interesting articles on DIY, home design and decorating websites and blogs.

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