customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Thanksgiving Place Cards personalised birthday gifts
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Thanksgiving is the meal of meals in the United States!? It is a time to celebrate friends and family, count your blessings and be thankful for what you have! It’;s also a great excuse to gussy up your table and make things extra nice for your guests!? This Thanksgiving Place Card Setting Project will dress up your table and can be used again and again.? Super Easy to make, your table will look fantastic!

So let’;s get started!

accent pillow case baby burlap housewares

Products used?–; Canvas Corp?Brown paper bag mini, Architextures Tarnished Spoon and Forkpillowcase baby, Canvas Corp Halloween paper, Tattered Angels Mistable Paper –; Frayed Cotton, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, and Color Wash Paint.

I wanted to make a bountiful bouquet of fall leaves, twigs and acorns. So I pulled out the Mistable Paper in Frayed Cotton and sprayed with Glimmer Mist in fall colors. This paper takes color so well that it is just a joy to use! It’;s a little thicker than card stock and when you run through a die cut machine, it cuts beautifully!? I was really pleased with how the leaves and twigs turned out!? I also used a little wood pallet that I painted with Tattered Angels Color wash paint in Brown.

To? put it all together, I had a die that cuts paper into a cone but you could make a cone by cutting out a triangle and folding the paper into a cone. Then I glued the cone to the little CCB brown craft bag. Then I started to add the leaves, twigs and acorns in various colors and sizes. Once that was in place, I added the super cute Architextures fork and spoon set and added a die cut Thanks in the middle of the cutlery!? You could add a small card with someone’;s name written? instead of the Thanks. Placed all of that on the little wooden pallet and cut out some CCB Halloween orange and white marquis paper to make a mat for the pallet.? If you don’;t have a wooden pallet, it looks just as nice with the miniature? CCB brown craft bag!

Voilia!You have a super cute place setting for your Thanksgiving table!You can use this year after year or give it as a favor to your Thanksgiving guests!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Promising review: "I like these throws. I bought two. They are soft and warm and look like mink! I drape them over my couch and they look elegant. My husband loves them, too. He's always cold, so he said they keep him nice and snuggly." —Minnie

Are you wondering what meal will make this valentine’s more special? Well, don’t look any further. A heart-shaped pizza is what will give your valentines day that extra spark and it will definitely spice up the mood. It is also very simple to make. Just follow the following instructions and you are good to go.

Anyone who has children knows that while the words “SNOW DAY” bring shouts of excitement from the mouths of any young children in the household, those same words may NOT bring the same level of excitement for the parents of those same small children! ?For that matter, “sick day,” “holiday,” or “parent-teacher conferences” may also have the same effect. ?The kids are home, mom and/or dad are off work and have things to do, and in spite of the dozens of “I just *have* to have THAT!” toys and activities received mere weeks ago during the holidays, suddenly…the kids are “soooo bored!”

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