customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Summer floral styling with Jane Schofield accent pillow case baby
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At the mere whisper of warm summer weather my mind turns to entertaining - and, yes, how to present my home in the very best light for visiting guests.

Aside from plumping the cushions and tethering my toddler, there’s one simple strategy I turn to throughout the festive season (I’m kidding about the toddler—there’s nothing simple about that!). And that’s fresh flowers. Blooms instantly beautify the home and tablepillowcase baby, create an inviting mood for guests to relax, feel welcome and admire the host’s style.

linen sheets

Blooms instantly beautify the home and table, create an inviting mood for guests to relax, feel welcome and admire the host’s style.

Friends and family know I’m not the cook in the house, but I can create a table sure to impress.Sheridan’s Table Linen Collection is so chic and provides the perfect canvas for a well-set table. ?

At Think Flowers Company,we’re always thinking of ways to create floral arrangements that are easy for everyone to achieve – even if you have last-minute guests arriving, well, any minute.

Here’s our pick of easy yet elegant pairings to wow everyone when they pop over for long summer lunches.

Words Jane Schofield, Founder/Director of Think Flowers Company

PhotographyHannah Blackmore

Styling Olivia Blackmore

As more and more people work from home these days, and maybe you are one of them, you will then know that having your home office is important. Be it in a small space of a larger room or actually having a room that is dedicated to the use of an office, you want to make sure that the style you have reflects your personality.

The original pattern for this hat was made back when Adventure Time was a short featured on Nickelodeon, and then after it failed to do anything on that network, it made it's way to the internet. This hat is much more like the original "pilot" hat, where it's less of a tube with a face hole. This one has straps that you can tie underneath your chin. The design for this hat came from my good friend Nate Little. However, he has been caught up in graduate school, and has had seemingly no time to write an Instructable. After months of kindly hinting and nudging him to write one about his hat design, and him never doing so, I simply asked if I could. Obviously, he said yes, and even helped me out. He even let me use his camera while I'm away at college. If you have the time, or like supporting your resident Mad Artisan, check out these links.Mad Artisan Labs - FacebookMad Artisan Labs - Etsy

Tissue box covers are a nice way to decorate your tissue boxes. They are a great way of keeping the design consistent as you go through the boxes. Making your own tissue box will ensure that it matches the decor of your home. Tissue boxes come in many different shapes and and sizes, and making your own will ensure that the cover fits it perfectly.

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