customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Just Breathe – how to turn a pillow cover into a bag personalised birthday gifts
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Hey there! It’;s Kimberly here with you and today I’;m really excited to share with you a bag I made from a pillow cover.I love the canvas pillow cases so much that I had to figure out how to make them into a bag. Oh man, I’;ve got so many ideas it’;s unreal…; I’;m 100% sure I’;ll be sharing another bag soon. After making the first one, there’;s nothing stopping me making more bags from the amazing canvas corp pillow cases! Oh, before you start thinking that you can’;t make this one because you cannot sew…; yes I’;m a newbie wannabe to sewing and I made it! No excuses! And if you definitely can’;t sewpillowcase baby, use fabric glue instead. If you ask me though…; try to sew yours like I did TRY to dew mine …; did you read it right –; try lol

Just a quick tip before you start: wash and dry your pillow case before you start as it might shrink a little but if you don’;t want to wash yours, that’;s okay too…; it will save you ironing it lol

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Kimberly used the following?products to make her bag:Canvas Corp?Canvas Pillow Case 30 x 21 Canvas Corp Canvas Garland Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist –; Red Chilies and?Mallard Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist –; Cardboard and? Ivory 7gypsies Architextures? Parchment Rub-On –; Pose scissors,?sewing machine

Fold the pillow case in half and with a pencil, draw the handles –; they should be in a shape of a ’;rounded L’;.Now cut the ‘;L’; out –; when you unfold the case, it should be the same shape you see in the third photo above.

To stop the edges from fraying, iron them down to sew or glue. Or you could go for a more rustic look and ruffle the edges by not sewing and pulling some threads out. I wanted mine sewn.Once the edges are the way you want them, attach the handles together –; it’;s better to actually sew them together because that will make them more sturdy.You can also add some of the Canvas fringe to your handles as an embellishment –; I did.

Now it’;s time to add the design –; all you need to do is rub on one of the designs you can find on the Architextures Parchment Rub On sheet. I chose an angel, which I then colored to make it stand out on the bag.

Before painting, I stencilled some designs on the bag. Why? Two reasons: it will add interest (obviously) and the paint will take differently to the patrick with and without the modelling paste (that’;s why you can see the design!)Once the paste is dry, you can spray the bag with Tattered Angels to create shades of colors –; it’;s up to you how you mix the colours.The bag is yours so make it look the way YOU like it!

Remember, just have fun! There are no mistakes in mixed media art! No-one will never know unless you tell them.I hope I inspired you to make your own bag.Please share your makes on our Facebook Collective as I’;d love to see them!

Happy crafting!

–; Kimberly –;

June is a popular month for weddings, but no matter when you (or a friend) are planning to marry – think linen! Linen bedding and accessories make the perfect start for a new life together. Natural linen sheets and bedcovers look elegant and feel wonderful. Even if it is not your wedding,?linen makes a great wedding gift?to your favorite couple that is about to tie the knot, as well.

Half a birdhouse – the gypsies have claimed it!!! There may or may not have been a party last night. What happens at the gypsy house, stays at the gypsy house!

This is a technique we've used in several tutorials, and it's been so popular, we thought it should be its very own project so you can refer to it whenever you need it. It's a great way to finish the edge of a blanket, a table runner, a wall hanging – just about any flat square or rectangle. Admit it ... you rubbed that satin blanket binding on your cheek and sucked your thumb, didn't you? Oh, wait, that was me. The technique takes a little practice, because you have to make sure you are catching both sides of the binding as you stitch. But I have great confidence in you, and I know you'll be binding everything in site in no time.

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