customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Childrens Bedrooms on a Budget funny cushion covers
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Your children’s room is more than just a place where they lay their heads at night. It’s a place that they can call their own and from one day to next, can be anything from a pirate’s layer to princess’s castle. Decorating your kids bedrooms needn’t cost the earth- such strong imaginations really do help do half of the work! With some specialty paints and simple projects, you can turn your kids’ bedrooms into the most awesome rooms in your home- well, as far as the kids are concerned!

For an instant change the most effective way to make a big difference is with a full scale tidy up. If looking at the mountain of toys and strewn debris this sounds unrealistic, help your child keep their room clean and tidy with colourful organizers and storage options. Large, plastic boxes make affordable toy chests whilst hanging wall pockets add an element of fun to tidying up time.

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Clear plastic shoe bags hung on brightly coloured hooks on the wallpillowcase baby, make a cost effective alternative as does a clothesline across a large wall. Use large, colourful clothespins and hang photographs and your child’s artwork on it. You could also choose some inexpensive plastic waste paper bins in bright colours and use them to hold shoes, books, school supplies, CDs, and other items in your child’s room.

A splash of colour is a very direct route to making a big change to your kid’s rooms. Walls painted in a bright shade will result in an instant lift. Remember, paint isn’t just for walls. Crayola makes some fun shades of paint for kids’ rooms. Look around your child’s room. What could use a splash of colour? Ceiling fan blades, dresser tops, shelves, bed headboards or chairs can all be painted in accent colours. Match or contrast your painted areas with soft furnishings like children’s curtains and bedspreads

Make bedtime tears a thing of the past by creating a night sky effect on the ceiling using glow-in-the-dark paint to create stars and planets. In the light of day, it’s nearly invisible. When the lights go out, a softly glowing mural will magically appear.

Unless your child has developed an early appreciation of the work of Charles Eammes or Verner Panton, furnishing a child’s bedroom can be done relatively cheaply as you can usually recycle the existing furniture to great effect. Decorate an old chair or stool for an artistic piece of furniture in your child’s room. Lightly glue pictures, a map, or a montage of something that interests your child, onto the seat of the chair or stool.

Decoupage over the top with several coats of decoupage medium, then paint the legs of the chair or stool with brightly coloured paint. Turn your child’s bed headboard or the side of a dresser or shelf into a centre for creativity. Paint any flat, relatively large section of a piece of furniture with magnetic paint. You can even attach a holder for magnets. Magnetic poetry kits are fun, and online teacher supply shops have artistic and educational magnets of all sorts. You can turn almost anything into a magnet with magnetic backing material, found in craft stores. Alternatively, you could do something similar with chalkboard paint.

Buy an inexpensive beanbag chair and a few throw pillows to create a reading corner. Not only will this help your child improve their reading level, it will also create a space designated for calmness when they get a little rowdy.

Lastly, have your child help you to design and create a wind charm to hang from the curtain pole. Your child will really enjoy being a part of the decorating process and begin to develop a sense of pride for their personal area and belongings meaning they just might keep them tidy- just don’t hold your breath.

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For most of us, high fashion, high style interior design seems far away from the realms of our real homes. Our homes are places of practicality and relaxation not plumped pillows and chaise lounges. Whatever your budget and whatever your tastes, it is very simple and moderately inexpensive to lift your rooms and create a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced space. By selecting coordinating and well fitted curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings you can create a sense of logic and identity within an otherwise eclectic room of new and oldthis article shows you how!

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