customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby Children's Bedrooms that are as Space Saving as Matryoshka Dolls funny cushion covers
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Maybe the traditional bunk bed is more what you had in mind when thinking about maximising space. Well, there's nothing traditional about some of the newer ones. You can find bunk beds that look like the ones you shared with a sibling, but instead of empty space collecting dust bunnies, underneath the bottom bed you'll find drawers galorepillowcase baby, eliminating the need for space wasting dressers. You don't have the old-fashioned look of bunk beds when you go for the newer version that looks a bit like the Matryoshka dolls that fit snugly inside one another.

The bottom bed is on rollers to easily slide out at night or for those occasional sleepovers if your child doesn't share his room with a sibling. However, that bed doesn't sit idle when it's not in use. It contains drawers with ample space to replace at least one dresser in your child's room which will provide more accessible floor space.

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Don't forget about providing storage by way of shelving if and when you can, you also need to think about a colour scheme and appropriate bedding. Bunk beds are notoriously annoying to make, so duvets are the most practical way to go. Choose duvet covers which are cheery and bright. Make sure they compliment large rugs and your childrens curtains because although you don't have to have every aspect of soft furnishing matching, as this can look at little crass – go with a theme and include things that you child loves and you'll have a happy camper so to speak. Use every piece of space you can but only include items which are absolutely necessary – try and cram too much in and it will be like trying to fir a square peg in a round hole, and the more you try the more disorganised and chaotic the room will appear.

Just like bunk beds, the old Murphy bed is back in-vogue but with even more style and unique features. Some of the newer beds are folding bunk beds or even hide in the ceiling. Folding the bed into the wall may not be the most convenient or safest for a small child's room, but it can give your teens an instant efficiency apartment. Just put in a refrigerator and microwave and you'll never even know they are at homeexcept for when their laundry shows up at your bedroom door.

Let’s focus on these features first.

In stark contrast to yesterday's post today we're taking a look at using bold patterns which really make a statement in your bedroom. You do have to be a little brave, but if you're fed-up with the same old style then this is the ideal opportunity to make a difference. Starting with the walls, a feature wall with a bold pattern could be just what your bedroom lacks.

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