customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby 2011 Decorating Trends 1- Mid-Century Modern funny cushion covers
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The hottest home decorating trends for 2011 are already making their way onto the high street and into online shopping venues – so to keep you on your toes.this week we will be revealing the seven that we think will be the leaders in style for the new year. In no particular order, today’s post introduces our first home decorating trend for 2011 – Mid-Century Modern.

Furniture is probably the most important aspects of this trend, with the streamlined pieces of the fifties being a highlight. The modern, light and functional furniture of post-war Britain looks just as contemporary now as it did more than half a century ago. If you want to look out for vintage pieces then names to jot down are Eames, Ercol and Robin Day – although you will be just as spoilt with some of the newer pieces influenced by Modernism.

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Also notable is the influence of Scandinavian design. Colours – This trend will use a lot of white and light tints for its background colourpillowcase baby, with various tones of grey and blue-greys coming in with furnishings. You will see less of saturated colours or brights, but they might peep through in the odd accessory. Think of vintage colours that are more muted such as mustard yellow or dusky pinks for beautifying textiles.

Mid-Century Modern furniture all the way! Mid-Century Modern furniture had its first fame in the fifties and the interest in these designs has risen ten-fold in the last few years. Influenced by Scandinavian design that used bleached plywood and light pieces with clean lines, later oak, teak and birch were chosen to create modern furniture in light tones. Upholstered pieces used light coloured linens, vinyl and leather.

Taking a cue again from Scandinavian design and the mid-century modern furniture – flooring should be hardwood or laminate, but definitely light in tone if not white. Walls and ceilings are best in white for this laid-back trend but you can always pick up on a tint for something of more interest.

Textiles are used in such a way that they make a home feel more 'homely' and lived in. The overall look of textiles for this trend is one that could easily be called 'simple beauty' – there is no call for loud prints or shocking hues, better to go with subtleness in both pattern and colour. Take inspiration from larger pieces so if you have a modern grey sofa, look for cushions and throws with tonal greys and white – some classic stripes or a blending of natural materials and texture. We are not suggesting everything should be grey though and a little colour is welcome – try some made to measure blinds or a large area rug that picks up the room with a soft yellow, pink or blue.

For both lighting and accessories you can look to our Scandinavian designers for some ideas; simple curved forms for low hung pendant lights in neutral or muted colours, vintage task lamps which look hip in an accent hue and if you can hunt one out – a mid-century modern, surveyor tripod lamp with drum shade!

Other accessories reminiscent of the day may include wooden flip clocks, a vintage globe, a wooden chess set, vintage advertising posters and a retro turntable – plants are a nice touch too.

The wildflower trend really lends itself to DIY’ers! The loose, uneven wildflower shape makes the look pretty easy to arrange. Don’t force a perfected shape and voila! The secret here though, is the wholesale wildflower pack from There is an entire line of wildflower packs available in all different colors that make it super simple for you to achieve that outdoorsy, natural, field to bouquet look.

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Happy Thursday friends! Today I have something fun and a little bit different for you. Not only am I going to give you a mini-tour of my master bedroom to show you my delicious new bedding, but 7 other amazing bloggers will be doing the same! So after you check out my post, be sure to head over and see theirs as well.

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