customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
pillowcase baby 2011 Colour Trends 7- Molecular Magic funny cushion covers
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We hope that you have enjoyed our series on 2011 colour trends that has been bursting at the seams with beautiful colours, ideas for living and decorating the home. The themes vary but certain colours seem to pop up within all of them and I have noticed how each of the colour palettes have related to the overall theme of 'Appreciation' and how our cheery yellow has blessed each of them! The final theme we wish to discuss is 'Molecular Magic'.

Of science and fantasy; a computerised theme that pulses with life! The most magical of greens, blues and purples have a glowing quality to them that represents innovation and modern design. This is a truly fascinating colour theme that will be loved by those wishing to break free from the norm.

vintage cushion covers

Rich aquatic blues with a jewel-like quality are one of the most important hues in Molecular Magicpillowcase baby, alongside a fresh tropical green, a rich jewel purple and a fresh acidic yellow. Various blues and purples are used from the lightest of turquoise shades to the deepest of berry purples.

When used in bathrooms, the Molecular Magic palette brings something new and revitalising. Despite our purples, blues and greens taking on a more vibrant approach, the colours have the power to take you to another place - one of tranquillity and fantasy. Be bold and paint the wall behind the bath in a stunning violet and dress the wall up with various frame-less mirrors - rounded shapes are favoured for their aquatic feel and sharp lines are avoided at the best of times; the idea is to have a fluid design where the eyes wander easily from one point of the room to another.

Add more stunning colour and don't be afraid from using more than one hue - an aquatic blue for a contemporary chair and bright yellow accents in accessories. We would love to see all this design incorporated in a spa feel with curved basins and pebbles used around the bath as décor. Simple curved forms and modular furniture have an almost space-age feel to them that reminds us a little of the 60s and 70s. Use lashings of white for furniture and the majority of your textiles; white ready made curtains and upholstery will allow for a mixture of brights to come in as accents. In the lounge you can achieve this look well with a background of blue-grey for the walls and a white floor with white modular furniture.

Showcase that pristine white furniture with a large purple designer rug underneath (whether you go for a shag pile or not will depend how much you want to re-visit the past!) Our aquatic blue, bright acidic yellow and tropical green show up in pops of colour here and there - coloured glass, rugs, cushions and wall art. Don't over-decorate - let the colours play!

Turning your bedroom into a relaxing retreat doesn't have to break the bank. While you may want to purchase some inexpensive accessories for your bedroom, some of the best makeover tips focus on the atmosphere of a room as oppose to acquisition. Unless there is a fireplace or dramatic window in the room, the focal point of most people's bedrooms is the bed.

Simple tips and tricks on how to stain a deck, without a lot of effort for a beautiful finish. Selecting the best deck stain or best deck paint, tools needed and so much more!

It's still really rather cold out, so I thought I'd put something together to help warm you up a bit, in more ways than one!With St. Patrick's Day coming up next month, I've had my mind in the clouds -- on rainbows, that is! I. Love. Rainbows.? So I've put together this cozy and FUN rainbow scarf!? Follow along to see how to make one yourself.

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