customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set Treat Those Kitchen Windows funny cushion covers
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Now, a kitchen isn’t a super private place like a bathroom, and more than often looks on to nothing other than the back yard so it doesn’t need frosted glass or permanent closed blinds for privacy. But it is nice to have the option to cover the window for night times or if you go away or of course the floor cleaning mop dancingbaby pillow set, plus it finishes the window off on the inside giving it a more aesthetically pleasing look.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m very fond of my kitchen window and kitchen curtains. It’s the one window in the house I can legitimately stand in for some time and nose right down the road onto my neighbours. Although recently ?I realised this means they can nose right back at me and my fantastic floor cleaning mop dancing routine, and decided that it is time to get a window treatment sorted.

canvas throw pillow covers

There are many options for Kitchen Window treatments; all perfectly good when used the right way and here are a few of them:

Ever since I learned that my BERNINA Q 20 uses standard BERNINA feet I have become totally obsessed with using the BERNINA Free-motion Couching foot #43 to stitch my art out in free-motion sewing. It’s thrilling to “draw” with chunky threads and yarns watching the foot move the fibers with perfect stitch laying down my free form lines, patterns and designs. Such dramatic, unique textures are created with palettes of assorted yarns, cotton and metallic threads that I can explore. To me the Free-motion Couching foot #43 foot is genius, as I can do couching on my Q20 quilting machine, and even better, on all BERNINA machines models. The holidays are perfect for sewing up playful décor with an abundance of colorful subjects and themes. A whimsical, sparkling Christmas tree is the inspiration for the “Jingle Bell Door Hanger”.

After reading wrique's excellent instructable ?on making mitten warmers, I decided to try making a neck warmer. ?I wanted something that could be microwaved and then sit around the neck, to keep someone warm during cold winter walks. ?I came up with a design that was very popular with my girlfriend, and my mother asked me to make her one too. ?The second time around, I took pictures of the process so that I could make this instructable. ?Here is what you'll need to make your own!Materials: * Scissors * A thin, round-ended dowel * Paper and tape (optional) * Some kind of soft fabric (a square yard should be plenty) * Small scraps of a second fabric for the front of the ears (technically optional, could use same fabric) * Sewing machine with thread, sewing pins * Needle, thicker thread for embroidering face * Two roughly brick-sized packages of red beans (sorry, I forget the exact size) ?

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