customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set Transforming an Out-dated 'Pink Palace' and 'Stepping into a Dream' funny cushion covers
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The 60 Minute Makeover is all it took for the team to transform an outdated, dark and depressing bedroom into a bright, feminine and glamorous bedroom. Inspired by 19th century Chinese silk panels depicting 'The Tree of Life' pattern the bedroom was redecorated in light reflective colours and soft furnishings to maximise the space.

Old fitted wardrobesbaby pillow set, which took up too much space, were taken out and replaced with white dressing table, beautiful silk chair with coordinating cushion. The team also maximise the amount of natural light coming into the room to make it feel light and airy by using ready made Roman blinds. To compliment the window dressing and bring balance and cohesion to the room Amelia curtain fabric fuchsia was used for bed cushions; as the bedding was plain white the cushions drew the eye, instantly making the connection between the blinds and cushions.

burlap pillow cover diy

The hint of pink used throughout the room gave an on-trend femininity without being loud or garish, resulting in a light filled room which stylish and calming. As the hanging space was taken out of the main bedroom the team transformed the spare dated and overly patterned bedroom into a chic dressing area.

A double sofa bed made it easy for guests to stay over as well as a place to sit in comfort. To bring a touch of individuality to the room Bangle cushions were added to the sofa, providing a touch of trendy 'bling' to the room. With simple, elegant bamboo wood Roman blinds at the window, this room reflected the light by use of mirrors and mirrored side table. The end result was like 'stepping into a dream' – another fabulous 60 Minute Makeover success.

Decorating your home can be a treacherous task. With so many styles and fluctuating trends on the market it can be very easy to end up with a garish mish mash of fickle fads. To make things a lot easier, we have included below a simple set of foolproof guidelines. Print off these guidelines on your finest paper, frame and place on the bedside table and remember to recite them every night- once you have these simple but crucial engraved into your memory, DIY disasters will be a thing of the past.

Where would we be without Dads? We’d be stranded at the train station on more than one occasion. We’d probably be without the right tools, life hacks and amount of arms to complete DIY tasks and move house. Whether they’re new to fatherhood or old hands, it’s time to show some appreciation for the Dads of the world, with gifts that will appeal to their interests.

Spring is the perfect time for organizing and cleaning. When the first warm rays of sun hit our faces, our first instinct is to pack up our winter coats and pull out the spring cleaning essentials.

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