customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set Q&A with Linda Boyle from Hey! Home Wrecker funny cushion covers
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Running a blog can be a busy job and not many can maintain the pace in the busy bloggersphere but one woman who certainly keeps up that pace is Linda Boyle from Hey! Home Wrecker

sofa pillow cases

We asked her a few questions about her online life, and how she approaches her blogging.

I discovered blogs about 4 years ago and loved how inspired I was, I thought I love to write one too and share my ideas. When we moved house and were starting to do it up it seemed like a perfect time to start and Hey! Home Wrecker was born, the name came from my DIY efforts not always going to plan. I love being able to look back on old blog posts and seeing how my style evolves , it's the written diary I was never able to keep up.

Q2/?Can you tell me about your ideal reader?

My ideal reader will hopefully find inspirationbaby pillow set, maybe have a laugh and just be happy they stopped by by blog. They'll probably like vintage, home deocoration, crafts and of course cats! Wether it's a DIY project, a flea market find or a crafty idea, I like to think that they'll read my blog and hink I could do that!

Q3/?What do you think are the most important key rules to follow when creating a blog?

It's simple, blog about something you are passionate about. Blogging shouldn't be a chore! (But it does get in the way of doing chores!) You've got to love sharing you're ideas.

Q4/?What has been your favourite aspect of working on your blog?

A sense of community it brings,reading and commenting on other blogs I love and finding a whole blogosphere of like minded people! It's so refreshing! A sense of excitement when I get a new idea, I can't wait to blog about it! I'm so inspired by the wonderful blogs out there.

Q5/?How would you descibe your personal style?

There's always a mix of pattern and colour, I don't stick to any rules, if I like it that's all that matters! Our house is furnished with hand me downs, charity shop finds and vintage finds it's exactly the same in my wardrobe. I especially love mid century furniture and I swoon over floral fabrics from the 60's and 70's., the bolder the colour and pattern the better. For homewares your more likely to find me in a charity shop than on the highstreet, I love the reduce, reuse and recycle ethos (And I love a bargain!)

Q6/?What intersesting projects have you got instore for the next 12 months?

I just love free motion quilting, especially on my gorgeous BERNINA 750 QE!? I like it so much that I am always trying out new quilting designs on practice squares. If you know me from my book Free Motion Quilting for Beginners then you know that I hate to waste a practice square, so I am always coming up with new small projects to use them in creative ways. My book is full of patterns that do just that, use pre quilted pieces to make something like a bag or a place-mat or even a dog bed. This pattern came from that same school of thought, as I had just taught myself to quilt this lovely design that starts out as triangles but ends up looking like fans, and I just had to do something with it. The triangle shape I had quilted over and over got me to thinking more about triangles, and after some clever folding and fussing I came up with this pyramid shaped zipper pouch that is super simple to make and so much fun. It holds lots and opens up all the way, which is very convenient. I tested its size and it will fit a DSLR camera quite nicely, I also tried out my wallet, cell phone, keys, small makeup pouch and mini sketch book/pens and it fit all that! This is a new take on the traditional zipper pouch, and it sure makes a great gift, you only need a few supplies to make it, so let’s get started and in less than a few hours start to finish you’ll have your very own!

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