customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set Karen Bearse – Featured Creative Crew Member personalised birthday gifts
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We are back with our Canvas Crew Brands Creative Crew interviews –; a series of features in which you find out a little bit more about our designers: what they like, what inspires them, their favourite CCB product. It is a fun way to get to know the people behind the scenes who share their inspiration with us on daily basis.

Today, let us introduce to you…; Karen Bearse.

sofa pillow cases

Where do you reside??I live in the suburbs in Virginia. The fun thing about my area is I am close to the citybaby pillow set, museums, shops, crazy traffic but right down the street is a horse farm. Lots of trees &; Starbucks. It is a great combination.

Describe your design style…;.That is a tough one. My style changes like the weather. I am very product &; technique driven so it really depends on what I am playing with. Grungy, distressed, tons of texture, and shimmer with metallic. Maybe bohemian chic?

Who or what do you give credit to inspiring your creativity?I think the key to creativity is to create. The busier I am working on design team projects, designing classes &; demos the more inspiration just comes to me. I know I am in the zone when inspiration hits while driving, grocery shopping or watching a movie. Sources that have nothing to do with my art but suddenly I get a new idea. The key is to write it down or just as quickly the idea is gone.

What inspires you most today?I find it is so easy to be inspired with all the social media that surrounds me. Instagram is a big one. That snapshot of a project often sparks an idea or gets me working on something. The key is to stop scrolling before I get overwhelmed. It is easy to look at one too many projects, and feel like there are too many possibilities. Usually what I am working on turns out completely different than the inspiration, it is just a great starting point.

What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? and why? Just one please!!!!My favorite has to be Glimmer Mist. I have been playing with it since it was released. It was the first mist out for years and even with all the others out there I still reach for it first. Such depth of color and combined with the shimmer- heaven! The colors blend beautifully together. The funny thing is, one of my big goals was always to be on the Tattered Angels Design Team and here I am on the Creative Crew.

We asked Karen to share with us her favourite project.

I love to teach and demo. My long term goal is to travel teach around the world. To be honest, the only thing holding me back from going for it is the business side. All those yucky numbers!!

Art journal or altered art. Although lately I have been making mini albums. When I hit that spot where there is no room left on my craft table and ink is flying, ideas flowing &; I can’;t work fast enough to get it all on the page. I end up working on a 6″;x 6″; spot of clean on a table covered in a rainbow of chaos. That great creative frenzy.

I love quoting movies &; TV. Most conversations I have with people include a movie quote. A lot of times it just goes unnoticed but I have become besties with gals who pick up on it and do the same thing. Love a good movie quote!

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