customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist funny cushion covers
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There’s nothing better than throwing open the doors and pushing up the windows at the first signs of spring. Letting the fresh air in goes hand in hand with another rite of spring: the big clean. Use our handy Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you tackle your chores. The list may look daunting, but many of the jobs are small and quick, and you’ll be glad you took the time to do them!

french linen cushion covers

□?? Check the batteries in all smoke and CO detectors□?? Check and replace light bulbs□?? Clean air vents□?? Wash baseboards, doorframes and doors with mild soap and water□?? Dust light fixturesbaby pillow set, fans and ceiling□?? Thoroughly dust shelves and their contents, including books and decorative objects□?? Wipe walls and touch-up with paint where necessary□?? Polish wood floors or wax non-wood floors□?? Clean and/or polish metal door and window hardware□?? Take area rugs outside and beat out trapped dirt and air out□?? Deep clean carpets□?? Clean window treatments: wash or dry-clean draperies and fabric shades, dust wooden blinds with damp cloth, wash vinyl blinds ? ? with mild soap and water

□?? Deep clean stove: replace reflector bulbs on electric stove, wash knobs and burners, soak and clean hood vents and run self-clean function or clean inside of stove and racks by hand□?? Dust refrigerator coils; vacuum between refrigerator and counters□?? Defrost freezer; clean out freezer and refrigerator and clean with baking soda and water□?? Dust the tops of cabinets and refrigerator; wipe down cabinet fronts□?? Clean inside cabinets and drawers□?? Clean out and reorganize pantry or cupboard; throw out expired items□?? Clean out food trap in dishwasher

□?? Swap out heavyweight curtains and slipcovers for lightweight ones; wash or dry-clean winter linens before storing□?? Trade heavyweight?pillows for light, bright ones□?? Clean out fireplace

□?? Replace shower curtains and/or liners□?? Seal cracked tile or grout□?? Fix leaky fixtures or slow drains□?? Take down fan cover and wash with soap and water□?? Clean inside cabinets and drawers; discard expired medicines and cosmetics□?? Update first-aid kit

□?? Clean out entry/mudroom closet and swap out winter gear for summer gear□?? Organize bedroom closets and replace cold-weather clothing with warm-weather clothing; wash or dry-clean garments before storing or donating them□?? Organize linen closet and replace worn out or stained towels and sheets

□?? Rotate mattress (and flip if it’s not pillow top) to distribute wear evenly□?? Wash all pillows and bed skirt to rid them of stains, mold and bacteria□?? Replace cold-weather bedding with warm-weather bedding; wash or dry-clean bedding before storing□?? Organize bedroom storage spaces

□?? Run white vinegar through the washing machine to sanitize and clear soap scum□?? Wipe out the inside of the dryer to remove lint buildup with a wash cloth dampened with mild soap and water□?? Wipe down the outside of both appliances□?? Vacuum or dust behind appliances□?? Wash or vacuum lint trap□?? Vacuum with a crevice attachment or use duster to clear lint from inside the dryer hose□?? Organize laundry room storage and cleaning supplies

□?? Review and reorganize files: update policies and home inventory and shred unwanted documents□?? Clean out and reorganize drawers□?? Clean computers: wipe down computer and screen with dampened lint-free cloth and clean out keyboard using a can of compressed air□?? Back up your computer and delete unwanted files and applications

Download a printable version of this Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist. Browse our selection of storage and organization pieces, or find organizing tips?by following our Pinterest board!

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After reading wrique's excellent instructable ?on making mitten warmers, I decided to try making a neck warmer. ?I wanted something that could be microwaved and then sit around the neck, to keep someone warm during cold winter walks. ?I came up with a design that was very popular with my girlfriend, and my mother asked me to make her one too. ?The second time around, I took pictures of the process so that I could make this instructable. ?Here is what you'll need to make your own!Materials: * Scissors * A thin, round-ended dowel * Paper and tape (optional) * Some kind of soft fabric (a square yard should be plenty) * Small scraps of a second fabric for the front of the ears (technically optional, could use same fabric) * Sewing machine with thread, sewing pins * Needle, thicker thread for embroidering face * Two roughly brick-sized packages of red beans (sorry, I forget the exact size) ?

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