customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set In the bush- Our new Kids Collection accent pillow case baby
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Annabelle Hickson captures the essence of our Australian outback landscape beautifully in her online journal The Dailys. She shares her own anecdotes of family life at their rural home, styled with our new season Kids Collection.

Life in rural NSW means a lot of campfires under the big blue sky, where the paddock becomes a huge roaring sea, an old bath tub becomes a boat and a sheet becomes a sail. Children have the most amazing imaginations, and they don’t need much to get lost in those wacky, incredible worlds of their own invention.

floral pillow cases

Our love of storytelling.

As I read them Roald Dahl books snuggled in their bedsbaby pillow set, or by a campfire outside, they squeal with delight or gasp in horror or cheer loudly, especially when Matilda brings down Mrs Trunchbull with her magic eyes.

What I love most of all is hearing them tell each other stories; when my oldest daughter reads the others a story all by herself or when they put the books down and pretend to be pirates on the high seas, plundering gold from rival ships, or mermaids with silver tails and knights with swords. And inexplicably call each other names like Mr Todd and Mrs Pussydino.

Let their imaginations run wild.

It was a joy to see what the children did with these pieces from Sheridan’s Kids Collection. The whale pillow became a real life shark, the sheets were billowing sails and the tent was a castle on an island, full of warm, soft blankets where the treasure was stored.

From an adult’s perspective, it was such a relief to see sheets and blankets and pillows made for children that did not make my eyes sore – I know I am not alone here. All the gorgeous greys and natural fabrics and knits were a pleasure to look at and touch.

The whale pillow became a real life shark, the sheets were billowing sails and the tent was a castle on an island, full of warm, soft blankets where the treasure was stored.

Natural fibres for kids.

When you are styling for kids I think the only thing that matters – at least to them – is that there is a sense of fun and that the materials feel nice to touch, to snuggle into. Premium natural fibres such as linen and cotton are so important for children as they feel soft, and breathe well. Particularly throughout our long, warm summer, I always make sure my kids are sleeping in and playing in natural fibres.

Maintaining a natural aesthetic and feel, I love to bring elements from the outdoors in, such as hanging a branch of pale green gum leaves above their beds.

Play outside.

We love to take the indoors outside; layer piles of blankets and pillows and little tents under the stars by the fire. That’s when my kids really seem to come alive and their imaginations go into overdrive. And the gorgeous soft colour palette of greys, blues and whites… well, that is just for me!

The Sheridan Kids and Baby Collection is now available in their 35 David Jones Kids and Baby concepts Australia wide.

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