customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
baby pillow set DIY Collapsible Cardboard Lemonade Stand customized gifts for mom
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Jacinda and I are taking the week off for Spring Break with our broods. We have lots of plans, but our kids are most excited to make us follow through on our promises of hosting Lemonade Stands! We realized a few years ago how much our kids loved hosting little sales in the neighborhood, and how fun it was to have a “;stand”; to play with –; even if it was just to play pretend at home. But, here in LAbaby pillow set, space is at a premium; so we just do not have the room to accommodate a charming wooden lemonade stand. I was inspired to create a tutorial for a lemonade stand made of cardboard that could completely collapse, until it was folded entirely flat and could slip into a closet. This has been a godsend for us! You create the cardboard base for the stand, then store it, with a few dowel poles and a hanging sign that can change with your chalk, in the smallest of hall closets, then whip it out whenever the kids wants to play. We have hosted Lemonade Stands (pictured above), Bake Sale Stands…;

and Ice Cream Stands with this same tutorial.

accent pillow case baby canvas decorative

Find the step-by-step DIY instructions to create your family’;s Collapsible Cardboard Lemonade Stand in our book, Pretty Prudent Home. We also share how to sew a variety of skirts for it. Once you’;ve built it, you can host Ice Cream Sales, Bake Sales, and of course, Lemonade Sales. We wish you a warm and inspiring Spring Break with your minis! We will be in touch all week on Facebook, and see you back here next Monday with new tutorials and ideas for spring!

Happy Monday! I’m so happy to participate in the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours, thanks to Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co! I’d like to start by welcoming those coming from Number Fifty Three! If this is your first time visiting, please connect via Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram?–?I love making new friends!

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