customized gift for Dad

customized gift for Dad
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TGIF!? So many things have been happening this week. I have been trying to take one step at a time so I can get it all done, but it is not working. I am happy the weekend is here.? In the flurry of events and happenings this week,? I had a hard time deciding what to post, so I decided to keep it simple and share not just one, but 3 things I did or that happened to me this week with you for a “Fab Friday” style post.

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No. 1 –;? Lights

If you have followed me here for a while then you know that in my life before blogging, I worked in retail display.? Around this time of yearpillowcase baby, if I was still a “displayette” as we used to call ourselves, I would be in the midst of getting the store ready for Christmas.

I would have spent the past two weeks in a windowless room for 8 hours a day, removing the past year’;s decorations and cutting the lights off all the display Christmas trees so that I could then put brand new lights on each tree, then decorate all of them with new decorations for the 2013 holiday season. I have literally cut-off and put the lights on hundreds and hundreds of Christmas trees in my life and the task of putting lights on a tree feels like a huge chore to me.? It is kind of like the painter who doesn’t paint their own house or the mechanic who doesn’t fix his own car.

So when Michaels? asked me if I would like to participate in their holiday Dream Tree Challenge and would send me a “pre-lit” 7-foot artificial tree that comes with a 5 year tree warranty and a 2 year warranty on the lights, I heard the words – “Pre-Lit” and didn’t hesitate to say… “yes – please!”

This is the first artificial tree that I have ever owned. Having it pre-lit is a huge relief – no lights to string. Ed and my daughters would never allow me to put it our family room. We like to have a real one there. It is the start of our holiday ritual to go the day after Thanksgiving to our local tree farm and pick out our tree every year. the past few years they have taken over the task to put the lights on it. ?My new artificial “Pre-lit” tree is tall and skinny, perfect for an empty corner in my dining room. I am pretty excited about having one in the room since it is where we entertain during the holidays.

Michaels also gave me a gift card to buy a few things to decorate the tree.? I went this week and checked out all the decorations in the store.? Michaels has many different sizes, styles, and widths of pre-lit trees.

I am going to decorate it using turquoise, pink, and green. I plan on mixing it up with a few ready-made ornaments…

…along with some handmade ones that I am going to create using colorful paper.

Once I get it decorated, I will post about it and show you how I made some of the christmas tree decorations.? If you are thinking about a new tree this year, stop by your local Michaels. They are having a special tree event in their stores November 3 through November 9.

No. 2 –;? Camera

Last month I was honored to be featured in an Australian magazine called Homespun.

It is always nice to be featured in big publications, but what I am even more excited about is that they used photos that I took.? Squeal!!!

I have worked hard trying to improve my photography since I started blogging. To see photos that I took in a 5-page color spread is so exciting. I feel like I can truly call myself a photographer now.? I wish my mom was still alive to see it. I got my decorating genes from her.? This is something I have wanted to do ever since I was a kid.? Take photos for magazines. The digital camera and blogging has made my dream a reality.

The magazine pages are thick and have a matte quality to them. It is more like a “bookazine”.

My studioffice rarely looks this neat – especially now that I have many projects in the works spread out all over.? Right now, the pink stool is hidden under piles of fabric, the floor dusted with paper scraps, the worktable – has paints and all sorts of supplies all over it.? When it gets really messy, I do enjoy getting it back to look as neat and organized as this.

No. 3 –;? Action

And last, but not least, I have been nominated as one of the top 25 DIY Blogs by Lamps Plus!

I am up against some pretty amazing bloggers, but would love your vote!? And by voting you too are entered to win a $500 Lamps Plus Gift Card.? Wouldn’;t that be nice?? I also have a link in my sidebar, so if you would like to take “action”? you can easily click on over to their page each day to vote.

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading my blog. Without you, none of these things would be happening – you are helping me make my dreams of making a living doing what I love a reality. XO

I hope you had a great week and have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead.?? See you back here on Monday.

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